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What DJ-Mixed Music and Seamless Transitions Actually Do For Your Party

Here at Spark DJ we make a big deal about our DJ curated music and seamless song transitions. As DJ’s we’ve seen first hand how our music can impact a party or event.

We began to wonder, is there any scientific evidence behind what we are experiencing? We decided to dig a little deeper and see if what we were actually feeling and hypothesizing has any scientific merit. Turns out – it does! Here’s what we found.  

has shown that music is more meaningful to our brains than unorganized noise. In Daniel Levitin’s article, Neural Correlates of Musical Behaviors, a Brief Overview, (full article here) he explains that music stimulates nearly every area of the brain, specifically, sensory activation, motor action planning, and memory.

Researchers also believe that because music activates the same areas of the brain regardless of personality or taste, music actually unifies people. In an
interview with CNN, Levitin explains, “It’s not our natural tendency to thrust ourselves into a crowd of 20,000 people, but for a Muse concert or a Radiohead concert we’ll do it. There’s this unifying force that comes from the music, and we don’t get that from other things.”

Music is also good for our bodies. Certain songs and melodies move us on the emotional level. A hormone called dopamine, commonly known as the “pleasure hormone” is released during emotional peaks of songs. Music doesn’t just touch us emotionally but quite literally too, as sound waves physically enter our ear and move our eardrums when we listen to music.

Ok, enough with all the science talk – we’re supposed to be talking about partying! Considering the reasons explained above, we can all agree that it’s good to have music at your party. It gets our brains working, unifies us as a group and has positive effects on our bodies.  

Now let’s take it a step further with DJ-MIXED music. Here’s our hypothesis on why it creates such a better party experience.

Remember all that research about how music activates our brains? If you have a typical playlist running at your party, every time a song starts and stops, it acts as a little hiccup in each of your guests’ music-stimulated brain. When songs are seamlessly transitioned, the music (or organized patterns that help you think) never stop. This means better focus on conversation, better memory retention and if I may be so bold, better dance moves!

DJ-mixed music can cause your guests to have a much more emotionally pleasurable experience at your event. The extended runtimes and longer builds of our music draw out the emotional peaks of songs. The same parts of a song in which the hormone dopamine is typically released from the brain. While listening to DJ-mixed music, you essentially have extended periods of “pleasurable” listening.

To sum it up, music helps people have positive social experiences. Mixed music and seamless transitions helps people have a MORE positive social experience for LONGER amounts of time.


While our claims are arguably oversimplified, we have, without a doubt, seen the positive effects of our music at social events time and again. There’s something to it and we want to share those positive experiences with as many people as we can.


Rebecca Huber
Spark DJ

  • Katie Boss
    Posted at 20:05h, 30 September Reply

    Great article! Love the science behind it 🙂

  • dj toulouse
    Posted at 07:43h, 10 October Reply

    This article is also a synthesis of various research about music. very informative. Congratulations!

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