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Top 5 Entertainment Experiences from a Student Perspective

Students these days are looking for a lot in an entertainment experience. Being a student myself, I know first-hand that we want things like day-long events, instagram worthy backdrops, plenty of great music, and all at a low cost. However, I have come to realize that the most important factor of a millennial entertainment experience is the level of audience engagement. We like to feel like we have a voice, and that even in a crowd of 10,000 people, we are being seen, heard, and considered part of the show. With those factors in mind, I have dedicated my summer to find the top five most engaging entertainment experiences for students. Here’s what I discovered…


#1 Have you heard of Taylor Swift?


On July 13th I attended Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. As an avid concert goer I was expecting the normal experience; live band, dancers, and thousands of strangers bonding over their love of music. However, Taylor Swift added an extra element to her show that took it to the next level.

Upon entry into the venue you were greeted by event staff who handed you an all-white bracelet as they said “Here is a gift from Taylor.” Everyone willingly took a bracelet, but the general consensus was that no one knew what it was, until show started.


As the stadium lights went down the crowd acquired a red glow fueled by the bracelets. The crowd seemed puzzled as to how all of our bracelets turned on at the same time. But, before there was even time to finish that thought the crowd was being turned into a work of art as the bracelets put on a light show that involved the entire audience.


These light up bracelets were created by a company called PIXMOB whose goal is to involve the audience as an essential part of the event experience. Taylor mentioned that she wanted these bracelets at her concert because she wanted to be able to see every single person, even from way up high in the last row. This was by far my favorite aspect of the show and the people sitting around me felt the exact same way.


#2 Did Someone Say Firefly?


Music festivals are another wildly popular event among students because they can choose which artists they get to see perform. At major music festivals like Coachella, Governor’s Ball, and Lollapalooza, there are more than 30 artists performing on different stages all weekend long. This puts the audience in charge of the artists they get to see.


Earlier in the summer I attended my first music festival; Firefly, in Dover, Delaware. As someone who has been going to concerts since the days of Hilary Duff and Jesse McCartney, I thought it was about time to go to my first festival. I loved the vibe of all of the people there and I especially enjoyed getting to see multiple artists at one event. I truly felt that I was in charge of my experience at Firefly.


#3 Let’s Take A Snap


Snapchat has become one of the most frequently used social platforms among millenials and a popular way of communication. Snapchat may have come after the famous instagram, twitter, and facebook, but their interactive location features are what convinced me that Snapchat is a must-have on my list!


Snapchat has Geofilters for almost every location which provides a creative way for us millenials to share where we are. Snapchat also allows users to create and send in their own Geofilters for hot spots in their town or special events. Snapchat geofilters allow sharing the location or event you’re at in a fun and interactive way, which is why snapchat is a must-have at any entertainment experience.


#4 Everyone’s Guilty Pleasure; Reality TV


Reality TV has been making us feel like we’ve been part of the show for years. People can say what they want about it, but there’s a reason why we keep watching, and why it made #4 on my list. A common factor with a lot of newer reality shows is crowdsourced voting. This allows for the audience to be a part of the show and to get a say in the outcome.


A big show that uses this to their advantage is Big Brother, which is currently airing their twentieth season on CBS. Big Brother uses crowdsourced voting to give contestants advantages in the game to help get them closer to winning half of a million dollars.


#5 There’s An App For That


And now for the finale! Spark DJ is a music entertainment company that is taking millennials’ experiences at bars and clubs to a new level making listening to music an interactive experience. Spark DJ allows for users to vote on the next song they want to hear right from their phone by visiting or downloading the app. You may even get a discount if you pick the winning song!


Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and Spark DJ is constantly finding new ways to enhance your entertainment experience. For me, I hate when I go out somewhere and don’t know any of the music they are playing. It can really make or break the night. However, in places that are using Spark DJ, it is easy for me to get my voice (and music preference) heard and have a great time!


Erika Lawrence, Spark University Student

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