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Spark DJ Party Tip #1: Use Spark DJ

Summer is ending. Can you feel it? The dog days are slipping by. New schedules are starting with new people to meet – which only (well mostly) means one thing…

It’s time to PARTY!!!

Are you the guy who’s been planning your back to class rager since July?
Maybe your the girl who suddenly finds 20+ friends showing up at her door to pregame every Friday night.
No matter what type of party planner you are (or aren’t), there’s a fundamental fact that applies to us all:

Music is important.

So what type of music do you use in order to throw that ever-talked-about college party/jammer/get-together/bash!?!
I did my homework. I researched and read every blog article out there. They all agree that music is a must-have on your “party planning priorities list” but all fail to give a good solution.
Here are the top ideas (and what’s wrong with them):

1. Hire a DJ
Except that… good DJ’s are expensive and let’s face it, not all of us plan ahead.

2. Use a music streaming service like Spotify or Pandora
Except that…you have no control over what song actually comes on AND most require a monthly subscription to avoid obnoxious commercials.

3. Make your own playlist
Except that…creating one that’s longer than 20 minutes and actually decent is tough. And time consuming. And let’s not forget the playlist snob who only takes T-7 minutes from arrival to swoop in and hijack your precious efforts.

I think you know where I’m going with this next part.
Shameless plug: Spark DJ solves the party music problem!!!

Here’s how:

1. Spark DJ delivers a DJ experience – from your phone!
The music is DJ inspired, seamlessly transitioning from one song to another. Goodbye awkward party lull after “Turn Down for What” ends and Ed Sheeran’s latest ballad kicks in.

2. Spark DJ takes song requests.
Your party people can request whatever moves them at the moment AND you can vote on those requests to move the songs up or down in the queue. Goodbye party playlist snob and vodka/water-drinking-eye-rolling girl on the couch.

3. Spark DJ is a great value.
As a host, the first party you throw is free! (Awesome.) Any party after that, you’ll need to make a purchase, but an hour-long party will only set you back $0.99. The best part – Spark DJ is always free for the guests – no matter how many people connect to your party.

So for the sake of a new season and a new schedule,
for the sake of making good memories because you were rockin’ good tunes,
use Spark DJ! It’s time to party and the music is important.

Bridget Tanneheim
Purdue University
Spark DJ Ambassador

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