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Spark DJ Makes Being on Your Phone in a Social Setting NOT a Bad Thing

Walking into a restaurant, we can see a lively atmosphere, tables full of large groups of family and friends. It is decently loud, but we then notice that the majority of the muffled background noise is the speakers’ music permeating throughout the room. As we look even closer, we can see a great deal of glowing lights coming from each table. A young daughter is out to dinner with her parents, and yet she is consumed by the world inside her phone. A group of young friends, all physically present together, but all invested in their own personal domain.


In today’s society, technology has steadily made phenomenal advances and continues to stay on the rise. Millennials, the notorious generation that is wholly consumed by technology, tends to leave a consistently negative connotation with technology as a whole, especially smartphones. Older generations tend to see the downfalls of technology, rather than shedding some light on its advantages. However, what tends to be missing from the dialogue, is how much technology can actually bring us together as well.


Spark DJ is an app that gives a restaurant or bar that personal DJ experience, just from an app on your smartphone! Everyone can enjoy and appreciate great music, and now they can even get personally involved with it. Spark DJ allows the customers to give feedback and input on whether they like a song or not, and they can even compete with each other in gaming mode, voting on what song they want played next.


This app will help to bridge the gap between technology savvy millennials and older generations who may not be so technologically advanced. The app is extremely easy to use, so anybody will be able to handle it and become personally involved in the entertainment experience that it provides. It is rare to find something on our phones that can physically bring people together. People typically browse social media apps or send texts, which are both very closed-off individual experiences. Spark DJ is the app that can change this. It allows people to be sitting down at a restaurant or bar, all with their phones out in front of them, but actually spending valuable time with each other and interacting with one another. Guests can playfully compete with each other to have their favorite song come on next in the restaurant, and when it does –  it’s an exhilarating experience!


Spark DJ keeps people engaged, conversing, and mentally present at the table as well; all through the power of a little technology and good music. So yes, technology can and does get annoying in social situations at times. But it doesn’t have to always be an exclusive personal experience of scrolling and liking. Spark DJ is a bar/restaurant’s secret weapon to an entertaining and stimulating atmosphere where socializing and technology go hand in hand. It is the perfect app for family and friends, giving them something extra to get excited about when going out.

Lexie Lattner, Spark University Student

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