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Black tech developer James Jones leads the way with new Spark DJ app

Contrary to popular belief, Black tech companies are on  the rise. Rolling out has taken an aggressive approach to profiling people of color who are tech executives, work in the field of IT and founders of tech companies. Take for example, James Jones, founder of a Minneapolis-based tech application, Spark DJ. It’s a cool app that allows the user to DJ like a pro.

The concept for the app started while Jones was attending Notre Dame University.

“I started deejaying to pay for school. As the love of music grew, I started getting gigs to open for [artists like] Big Sean, Girl Talk, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony,” Jones said

Jones, also known as  DJ 3J, was in high demand.

“I was getting more DJ gigs than I could handle,” he said. “The problem was they wanted to pay but I [could] only be at one gig at a time.”

With his background in engineering, Jones taught himself how to build code and software, which spawned an idea to solve his DJ problem by creating an artificial intelligence DJ. The concept was to recreate a DJ experience by using technology…

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