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What Millennials are Looking for in an Entertainment Experience

As millennials come of age, there is a question frequently asked by parents, bar owners, and everyone in between: “What are millennials looking for in an entertainment experience?” I’m halfway done with college, and while I don’t know EVERYTHING and can’t speak for EVERYONE (I mean I’m still technically in my indecisive and impulsive youth), I’ve come to two almost certain realizations:

   1. Millennials look at technology beyond its functional capabilities

   2. Millennials want to share and interact with people around them more than ever before 

Let’s face the facts: millennials have grown up around technology their whole lives. As far back as I can remember, I have been immersed in technology. I have become more reliant on tech as it’s continued to change drastically right in front of my eyes. The stories my dad tells me of his college days aren’t even relatable to me.  Things like having to look up information in libraries between certain hours, going through hell and back just to print out a report, or trying to meet up with friends without cell phones just don’t happen in my world.

Technology is second nature to us and we don’t have to worry about a lot of the things our parents and grandparents did back in their day. We want to incorporate it in tasks and events that have historically been handled without tech. This includes Snapchat filters at formal events like weddings, photo booths at graduations, and sharing playlists on casual nights out.

Contrary to popular belief (and what our parents may have you believe) millennials want to develop the same types of in-person relationships that our parents and grandparents had growing up. However, the drastic difference is that our way of creating and developing those relationships goes hand-in-hand with our love for (and frankly dependence on) technology. Whether it be through telecommunication services, social media outlets, or a good old fashioned in-person conversation, more and more ways to connect are being made readily available. It ranges from group video chats, to connecting with someone over something as simple as a Venmo payment.

There is a stigma behind millennials, their relationship with technology, and how it fails to promote a truly effective way to get to know someone. Millennials are trying to fight the stigma, proving that the use of tech is not only giving them unlimited access to, but giving them a chance to get to know someone better than ever before.

Spark DJ is one of those technologies that helps fight that stigma – empowering millennials to connect with others in “traditional” entertainment settings through the purest medium: music. Spark DJ incorporates the technology that we’ve grown up with and are accustomed to, as participation with the app is as simply voting from your smartphone. It also gives us a chance to get to know the people we’re spending time with on level that would be very hard without it. After a participant votes on a song from their phone, Spark DJ displays winners on the bar TV screens for everyone to see, “sparking” conversation and even competition off-screen.

Of course we want the same level of closeness that our parents and grandparents claim to have had with their relationships back in the day, but not without the using the technology that is oh-so-familiar to us. When it comes to the next level of entertainment, Spark DJ seems to be giving us millennials just what we want.

Yash Maheshwari, Spark University Student

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