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Co-Founder of Spark DJ shares his inspiring journey in DJing

As a teen DJ in the mid 2000’s I believed I had the world at my fingertips. I was riding the coattails of all the swagger that came with being a DJ with a “portable” setup. “Portable” at the time included a 2003 HP desktop computer, tube monitor, thick passive speakers and ugly amplifier rack to top it all off!

My music came from a mix of MP3’s and CD’s. Throughout a gig, I would I slide them in and out of my desktop computer; insert CD, upload to iTunes, label song, drop into DJ software, repeat.

I took this process with me to college, where I kicked off my freshman year DJing dorm room parties and house parties. I was even able to upgrade my tube monitor to a flat screen TV!

The house parties slowly turned into mobile events, club gigs and more. Through some tough learning, I began to grasp what people wanted to hear and what they didn’t. I began to develop the sixth sense of when to play the right song at the right time. I had some major fails that would clear the dance floor for the night but also huge wins where I would throw on that perfect jam to peak the night. By the time I reached my senior year in college, I was known as DJ Gavin Boss, the open format DJ from Randolph, NJ.

College ended and with it, my DJing career (or so I thought). It was time to move on to the bigger things in life. I accepted a job with IBM as a financial analyst, packed my things, and headed to Rochester MN.

It only took six months of working in a cube to realize that something was missing in my life. DJing is my passion and I couldn’t shake it!

That night, I ordered new equipment and set up a gig with a local Rochester bar. Little did I know this tiny Midwest city would become the home for my DJ career. Within the span of one year I had opened my own DJ staffing company, Apollo Music Group.

There I was, crunching numbers in the corporate world Monday through Friday – but as soon as the work day was over I was gone! I’d leave the office and be on my way to DJing events that took me across the country with my some of my now best friends. One hire in specific, James Jones, created a bond with me that went beyond the music. From DJing, to work, to living life, we shared ideas and passions that aligned outside of the club. Through this bond of friendship Spark DJ became a reality.

In 2016, James and I said goodbye to our 9-5’s and officially started Spark DJ.

For me, Spark DJ is a cumulation of past life experiences. It’s ditching corporate security, finding holes in the DJ market and filling them. My goal with Spark DJ is to bring the happiness, entertainment and memories that come with a live DJ, to every person that uses our app. For the past 10 years DJing has lit up my world and now, for the first time, I get to share that energy and excitement with our users.

We are on the edge of something very special with Spark DJ. I look forward to the things to come in this journey and am excited for you to be right there with us.

John Boss
Spark DJ

  • Josep Cors
    Posted at 13:21h, 02 September Reply

    Nice to read the evolution that sparked from his early days “DJ Big Bang”. DJ Gavin Boss, a truly passionate and enthusiastic character. Pours and focuses all those traits to reignite the innovative and entrepreneurial spark, taking the idea to another level. Transforming thoughts into reality, in the context of today’s music world experiences and trends. Using social media and latest humans interacting technologies..

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