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Your Holiday Party This Season Could Go Down in History

Halloween has passed. Whether you’re ready for it or not, the floodgates of holiday parties has been opened. the season of festivities is here! With either sheer dread or flurries of excitement, you’ll start seeing those annual events popping up on your calendar. Party people… THIS. IS. OUR. TIME!

Let’s make this celebratory season one to remember.

For starters, make sure you have the perfect party music vibin’ by using Spark DJ at your next holiday event. Beyond that, we found a few parties that have gone down in history for their creative, extravagant or crazy ideas. Here are some of our favorite ideas…

Costume Party Contests

“Wait – costumes?” your thinking, “Halloween has come and gone!” Not so fast. Don’t underestimate the potential enchantment that lies amidst the cable cords of an ugly sweater Christmas party or the flirty feathers of a speakeasy-themed New Year’s Eve Ball.

In February of 1903, Russian Emperor Nicolas II and Empress Alexandra threw one of the most lavish, two-day costume parties ever recorded in history. The Winter Palace Ball was thrown for Russia’s most elite, including the entire Imperial family, and the theme (yes, theme parties have been around for over 100 years) was a 17th century costume contest! Unfortunately this lavish Ball went down in history not for its spectacularly exquisite costumes, but instead for having been a catalyst for the Russian revolution in 1917.

Definitely not encouraging national exploit, but in general, costume parties are a good time (and in our opinion, should not be limited to the month of October).

Mix Up the Guest List

Not the first ever thrown, but certainly the most famous, was Truman Capote’s Black and White Party, hosted in November of 1966. The dress code was, well… black and white! Guests were also required to wear masks, giving attendees the feeling that “they can be anyone they want to be tonight!” Capote’s mixed guest list, ranging from his elevator doorman to Frank Sinatra, caused the party to go down in history as the most socioeconomically diverse party. Never before (and supposedly since then) has there been a party with that many people representing so many different classes of society. more here

You know those two friend in your life that have never met and each doubt the other exist? Why not give it a try and invite them both to the same party this year? It’s not always disastrous when world’s collide (as long as you don’t invite your alt-left/right uncle) it has the potential to be a monumental night to remember!

Throw in a Gimmick

…like a party barge! Sara and Gerald Murphy’s extravagant party thrown in 1923 for the premier of Les Noces ballet in Paris, took place on a barge on the Seine River. In case the barge didn’t do the trick, they also created centerpieces out of children’s toys, artistically arranged by none other than Picasso himself! more here

…or a public fountain of wine! To celebrate the end of the 38-day conclave in 1644, Roman Catholics filled La Fontana dei Leoni (the Lions’ Fountain) with wine and let merrymakers drink freely all night in celebration of the new pope! more here

Even if you can’t get your hands on a 17th century Roman fountain to fill with wine, we hope you find a way to make your holiday parties go down in history for your friends and family. Start with Spark DJ and add that creative twist of your own!

Happy celebrating!!

The Spark DJ Team

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