What is Spark DJ?

Spark DJ is a music streaming service that combines DJ inspiration, seamless song transitions and requests from the crowd, giving users an exceptional party experience for any occasion.

Can I use Spark DJ at home parties/events?

Absolutely! Spark DJ is the perfect music solution for your home party because your guests can interact with the music right from their own phone. Once you start a DJ, its easy to share your party with friends. Simply tap the share icon and a QR will pop up. Friends can point their iPhone directly at the code and it will take them right to your party.

What is the cost of Spark DJ?

Spark DJ is available as a free download in the Apple iOS App Store. To stream party music you must have a Spotify Premium account.

If I am joining a party, must I have a Spotify Premium account?

You are not required to have a Spotify Premium account if you are simply joining a party. You will have the ability to put in requests and vote on songs automatically. Only the user who starts the DJ is required to have a Spotify Premium account – be sure to thank them!

Where can I see Spark DJ in action?

Download the Spark DJ app, tap “Join Party” and the app will show you the nearest Spark DJ party so you can join in on the fun, request music and dance the night away!”

Is Spark DJ available outside of the United States?

Spark DJ is currently only available for use in the United States. We see an international version of Spark DJ in the very near future. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news.


How can I get Spark DJ for my business?

To start using Spark DJ for your business, give us a call at (612) 249-6439 or email us at sales@spark.dj

Do I have to sign a contract?

Currently Spark DJ is available on a month to month plan with no contract or long term commitments. Give us a call at (612) 249-6439 or email sales@spark.dj for more information about customized plans.

What do I need to run Spark DJ in my business?

Spark DJ currently runs on all of the following iOS platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Please keep in mind that these devices are consumer-grade and can be subject to hardware fail.

Is WIFI required to run Spark DJ?

Yes, we recommend connecting your device to a strong network to get an optimal stream of our music. Spark DJ asks for a reliant WIFI connection so that the music, mixing and requests can keep flowing all night long!

What kind of internet connection do I need?

When running the Spark DJ app in your venue, we recommend a WIFI speed of at least 1 MB per second, especially if customers have access to your same network. Your network will be used by guests to interact and request music. Check out the speed of your internet now at speedtest.net to make sure you are ready to throw a Spark party!

Do customers need my venue's internet connection to use the Spark DJ app?

No, customers will typically use their mobile phone’s data to connect and put in requests. However, If allowed guests can interact through your network as well.

What payment methods are available for Spark DJ?

Payment for Spark DJ can be done through an in-app purchase using your Apple ID. For our “Venues”, we also accept all major credit and debit cards directly by reaching out to sales@spark.dj
If you have questions about how to set up, edit or start your Spark DJ service you can reach out to our support team at support@spark.dj

As a Venue “Host”, do I have more control over the music?

Hosts have access to additional features that help control the music within the party. After the initial guidelines are set in “Party Preferences”, The Host is the only person able to skip a song as well as put in up to 5 requests at one time.

How do I delete my account or cancel my business contract?

If you would like to edit or cancel your account/contract, please contact us at support@spark.dj and we can do it manually.

Does Spark DJ have marketing materials to help promote interaction with my guests?

We have great marketing content available here that you can use to help promote customer interaction with Spark DJ. We have found the best way to get the most out of Spark DJ is to have your customers request, chat and vote! We have a video and print materials to be used tableside or at the bar.

As a venue, does Spark DJ cover my music licensing?

The Spark DJ app contains all the proper music licensing and reporting that allows artists and songwriters be compensated for their creations. Any venue, signed up properly through our app or website, is covered by the following while our app is being used: ASCAP, BMI & SESAC. If you hire a DJ, switch to an iPod, or any other music service, Spark DJ will not cover your licensing during that period of time.