What is Spark DJ?

Spark DJ is a game that provides music for your venue, allowing guests to interact by voting for the next song.

How does Spark DJ Work?

  1. Spark DJ displays five songs on the TV screen
  2. Guests can vote on which of the five songs will play next from their mobile phone
  3. When the current song ends, your guest’s votes are revealed and the most popular song plays next
  4. The guests who pick the winning song earn points

What do I need to run Spark DJ at my business or public event?

You will need an AV system, TV screen or projector, and WIFI internet connection. Spark DJ will provide the device and basic cables to hook everything into your existing system. Special cases may require additional costs for your initial setup.

Can I use Spark DJ at home parties/events?

Yes, for a small fee, depending on the size of your event. Please contact John Boss for more information and pricing details: john.boss@spark.dj.

Is Spark DJ available outside of the United States?

Spark DJ is currently only available for use in the United States. We see an international version of Spark DJ in the future. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news.


Do I have to sign a contract if I want to use Spark DJ?

Yes, Spark DJ contracts are available on a month to month plan with no long term commitments. Give us a call at (612) 249-6439 or email sales@spark.dj for more information about customized plans.

What payment methods are available for Spark DJ?

We prefer to setup a recurring payment with your business via PayPal. We can also send you a recurring invoice that can be paid by credit card or check.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

When running Spark DJ at your business, we recommend a WIFI speed of at least 5 Mbps, especially if customers have access to your same network. You can check out the speed of your internet now at speedtest.net.

Do customers need my venue's internet connection to use the Spark DJ app?

No, customers will typically use their mobile phone’s data to connect and put in requests. However, If allowed guests can interact through your network as well.

What is the best way to use Spark DJ?

Theme Nights – Use our curated playlists to give a specific theme to the night. Some examples of theme include 70’s/80’s Night, Throwback Hip Hop & Pop, Today’s Best DJ Remixes, Country, and Latin. Our team of DJs can also customize specific themes for your bar! Please reach out to your account manager with any requests for themed music.

Promotions – our team of experienced nightlife promoters will create custom graphics that can be printed or posted on social media to get guests in your doors and having a good time with the music. Reach out to Rebecca.Huber@Spark.DJ to get started!

Encourage Guests – Be sure to have your staff encourage guests to either head to SparkDJ.com or download our app to be a part of the fun. A more engaged customer means more drink sales, a better environment and higher participation!

What is the best way to train my staff on Spark DJ?

Step 1: Require your team members to read through pages 1 & 2 of our welcome packet (received upon signing contract).

Step 2: Allow team members to “choose the music” and set up a party. Also point out how to update the music and send in help for customer support.

Step 3: Allow team members to play the game from their own device! If your bartenders/servers are having fun choosing the music, they will encourage guests to play as well. The more comfortable they are with Spark DJ, the higher the participation!

As a venue, does Spark DJ cover my music licensing?

The Spark DJ app contains all the proper music licensing and reporting that allows artists and songwriters to be compensated for their creations. Any business who has signed a contract with Spark DJ is covered by the following while our app is being used: ASCAP, BMI & SESAC. If you hire a DJ, switch to an iPod, or any other music service, Spark DJ will not cover your licensing during that period of time.